the Photographers

This Lindsay chick…

My first word was “happy.” Though it was probably a fluke, I like to think it reflects my nature to be a generally bright and upbeat person. I’m petite yet full of energy and excitement. I can lounge in bed or wake up and hit the road without a destination (the latter is partially due to my terrible sense of direction). I refer to my child as “The Nugget.”  I love cooking alongside someone with the possibility of a food fight. My shoe laces never stay tied. I frequently shop online.  I found my husband that way.  I choose the hat when I play Monopoly. I like my potatoes and applesauce lumpy. I only “LOL” if it’s true. I pull the chocolate chips out of chocolate chip cookies. I resent writing with anything besides a mechanical pencil. I like simple sentences and proper grammar. I love the noises my dog makes when she dreams. I desperately want to know how to Lindy Hop. The shower is my favorite place. I’m a vegetarian cursed with loving barbecue sauce. I’m willing to try almost anything at least once. I’m game if you are.

Oh, you wanted to know about Lindsay the photographer…

I am the photographer who can bustle your dress in 2 minutes flat. I am the photographer who carries the safety pins and sewing kit to reattach it when you’ve danced so hard it breaks. I am the photographer who will tell you, really tell you, when you have something in your teeth, your strap is showing, or that cowlick is being wonky again. I am the photographer who will be patient and calm but make sure that everything runs smoothly and on schedule. I am the photographer who doesn’t use 10 lights, 20 minutes, and micromanage every body part to “perfect” every picture. I am the photographer who knows that happy people beautiful things great situations = perfect pictures. I am the photographer who would rather take pictures of real people laughing than fashion models scowling. I am the photographer who will return your sweaty hug on the dance floor at the end of the night. I am the photographer who has photographed hundreds of weddings and has been published all over. I am the photographer who would rather you look at each other and your guests than the camera. I am the photographer who appreciates every family heirloom, ribbon, sign, nibble, and flourish that you’ve picked to make your wedding yours.

I’m the photographer who goes for quality over quantity so that I can photograph every engagement session and wedding and really get to know your sweet, couple-y idiosyncrasies.

Hi, I’m Lindsay and I love what I do.
Nice to meet you.


I’m into adventuring, be it traversing this massive country of ours, scaring myself climbing a tree to fetch that perfect peach at the top, or hanging precariously on the ledge of mountains. It’s that gumption I bring to my work, I’ll be as passionate about getting kickass imagery as I am about pizza, cars, landscapes, and swimming in the ocean at dusk. Bring yourself to the wedding, be it jovial, nervous, elated, dread, fireworks, really, all of it, and I’ll bring my camera and a grin. Let’s get to it, there’s hors d’oeuvres and champagne to be had!



Like the rest of us, he’d rather not be wearing pants.  But he will at your wedding.  He’s a good guy like that.  He’ll also take the moody, funny, emotional pictures of the little (and big) happenings of your day.  He loves his two adorable kids and wife, tacos, smashing up his home, and gathering people around his table to share spaghetti and meatballs and laughter.