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Dog Portraits at Baker Beach ⋆ Lindsay Docherty Photography
July 5, 2007

Dog Portraits at Baker Beach

Have you ever seen such an adorable puppy?
9 month old Riley, a Wheaten Terrier, was a handful and absolutely hilarious. I had forgotten how funny puppies are. The best was when she literally ran circles around mom, just for the fun of it. Too funny.
Little Riley had a tiny attention span and was intrigued by everything on the beach. The water itself was quite a curiosity.
And the sand, of course…
The treats were plentiful but she wasn’t very pleased when she had to pick them out of the sand. All of that sand up her nose was not appreciated.
She’s not quite trustworthy enough to be without her leash in such a big area and she wound it around herself a few times though it didn’t seem to bother her. She was a really good girl and a blast to play with. I was rolling around in the sand right along with her. The next day Riley’s mom emailed me, “I think Riley had fun playing on the beach with you. I do know she has been tired all day – probably recovering!”

It was a good day…