January 23, 2013

I’ve got a date tonight!


I am a huge proponent of online dating. When you’ve seen as many weddings and heard as many love stories as I have, you find out really fast that online dating is awesome and effective.

Last January I found a particular specimen online and thought to myself, “Hmmm… he looks interesting.”  I clicked on him as a ‘favorite’ and accidentally alerted him to the fact that I had been window shopping and found something I liked. “It doesn’t matter,” I thought, “I don’t have any pictures up and my profile is pretty sparse and snarky so he won’t think twice about it.”  Turns out he did. We chatted and agreed to meet at Tinto one year ago today. He declined any pictures of me before our first date. I will always consider that incredibly gutsy.

It was the best first date ever. Not just of my life but I’m pretty sure it was the best first date ever in the history of dating.

Tonight we’re revisiting Tinto for dinner. Maybe we’ll luck out and get the same table we had last year.

Philadelphia Engagement Photographer in Old City

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. For more pictures of Tinto and other Philly restaurants, check out Philly Current magazine online – issue 1; you’ll see several images (including the cover!) by yours truly.

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