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July Facebook Cover Images ⋆ Lindsay Docherty Photography
July 1, 2012

July Facebook Cover Images


I love summer.

I love the lightning bugs.
I love the long days.
I love the jersey knit dresses.
I love the drippy ice cream cones.
I love the sangria.
I love the sandals.
I love the freckles.
I love the whir of a good fan.
I love the sticky BBQ sauce that gets all over your fingers and face (if you’re doing it right).
I love the bare feet.
I love the lemonade.
I love the fireworks.
I love the smell of sunscreen.
I love the picnics.
I love the warm days that inspire daytrips.
I love the epic thunderstorms.
I love drinking out of mason jars.
I love the reason to have pedicures.
I love the roofdeck parties.
I love the sprinklers.
I love the sound of the ice cream truck.
I love the crisp, cool, cotton sheets.
I love blowing bubbles.
I love the open windows.
I love the kids in sunglasses.
I love the sand between my toes.
I love the perfectly sweet and juicy berries.
I love the feeling of sun on my face.
I love the garden fresh herbs.

Every month, I feature new images for download for you to use as your Facebook cover photo. July’s images are from a delightful evening spent barbecuing amongst a little herb garden. I give you rosemary and purple sage. Basil is my absolute favorite but my basil plant took one for the team for the sake of pesto the other week. Click to download these images and see them at their full size and resolution.

Please note these images are made available for personal use only.

Much Virtue in Herbs, little in Men.
~ Benjamin Franklin

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