July 21, 2015

Main Line Engagement Photographer | Bryn Mawr |Laura + Marc


I had the immense pleasure of hanging out with one perfectly quirky couple one evening in Bryn Mawr.  They are first shy and apprehensive (there’s a person with a camera right there) but after some cajoling, dandelions, and popcorn, there was plenty to say.  I present to you… Laura and Marc!


These two had the best online dating luck ever.  They were each others’ first date.  He had been online for a while but never contacted anyone; she was on for a week and a half and responded to a particularly hilarious story Marc had put up about a 3am exercise incident.  Their first date was dinner and a movie, after which they sat and talked for 7 more hours.  (What chemistry?)

blog-08-LauraMarcE blog-16-LauraMarcE

That was 2.5 years and many, many movies ago.  That is one of their main hobbies together.  Her faves are campy horror flicks and he likes just about anything.  She has every ticket stub since she was 12 and he guesses he’s seen upwards to 3000.


Marc proposed in front of a theater last year where he had told her they were going to a showing with friends.  He popped the question and met up with friends to celebrate.


It made perfect sense that we’d take over the charming Bryn Mawr Film Institute for our shoot.

blog-70-LauraMarcE blog-56-LauraMarcE blog-52-LauraMarcE blog-39-LauraMarcE

They complement each other in so many ways and find commonality in a million different ways.  It sounds trite but they just don’t get sick of each other.  Evenings are spent with their two very fat cats, binge watching tv shows and movies or playing board games like Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, and RISK.  In costume!  It still eludes me why I didn’t get to see this at their engagement session (ahem, take note for the wedding, please).

blog-59-LauraMarcE blog-22-LauraMarcE

I did get a brief glimpse of their comic book/super hero alteregos towards the end of the evening.  Who can resist Captain America?


It was so much fun and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for their wedding next April!


James Barnes: Come on, man! It’s my last night. Gotta get you cleaned up.
Steve Rogers: Why? Where are we going?
James Barnes: The future.
~ Captain America: The First Avenger


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