August 14, 2014

Main Line Maternity Photographer | Radnor, PA | Kate + Peter


I photographed Kate and Peter’s maternity session before I left for Italy.  I desperately wanted to share their awesome images but completely understood that they wanted to wait until after little baby E came into the world to share their great, big news.

tender Main Line maternity session with mom and dadtender Main Line maternity session with mom and dad

This is Kate’s bear, an indulgent gift from her father that she demanded as a child.  It was the right choice.

sweet Main Line maternity session with mom and old teddy bear with rings

Just 36 minutes after his due date, Jackson Robert came into the world at a sizable 10lb 4oz.  This is pretty awesome because no one had to share a birthday (Kate’s was 3 days before, Peter’s 7) or an anniversary (6 days prior).  Not long before, I got to spend time with the excited parents at their home in Radnor as they counted down the days to find out what kind of little nugget they would get.

Main Line maternity session with mom and dad close up of belly

Peter insisted we get pictures that played on the lighter side of expectant parents.

funny Main Line maternity session with mom and dad funny Main Line maternity session with dad to be

I love this series.  Babar was one of Peter’s favorite books as a kid.

funny Main Line maternity session with mom and dad

Tinkerbell was understandably curious as we spent time in this room that seemed to keep crowding with more and more items.  Kate had the most perfect preganant belly I’ve ever seen.  It was just a perfectly round, smooth belly with no stretch mark in sight and an adorable little outie.  If we could all be so lucky!

Main Line maternity session with gorgeous mom to be and cat in nursery

Somehow this superwoman had been working out 3x a week during pregnancy with pregnancy yoga and interval training.  I suppose that’s no surprise since she’s always been athletic.  Her sport of choice is rowing; Peter’s is golf.  I’m curious to see which way Jackson goes.

Main Line maternity session with gorgeous mom to be Main Line maternity session with gorgeous mom to be

It was great to play with this pair before they became three but I honestly can’t wait to meet the new man of the house!

tender Main Line maternity session with mom and dad


“Babar grew fast. Soon he was playing with the other baby elephants. He was one of the nicest of them.”

~ The Story of Babar the Little Elephant, Jean de Brunhoff

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