August 28, 2010

Michelle + Mike: Engagement Session in Medford Lakes, NJ


Michelle and Mike met in college. He was her cousin’s roommate and they spent a lot of time together while her friends went to study abroad. She always thought he was cute, they had a good time together, and she needed a date to a dance. She wasn’t looking for a boyfriend at the time but you know how that goes… Turns out Mike had a crush on Michelle all along.

We had their e-session in a place that could have been Plesantville – Medford Lakes, New Jersey, where Mike grew up. If it were any more adorable we would have been given ponies and ice cream upon entering the city limits. Yes, that’s how cute it was.

We took some pictures outside of a little chapel named Cathedral of the Woods. I couldn’t even make this up.

We strolled across a bridge to a beach overlooking the lake that hosts a canoe carnival every year. I’m told this entails fabulous floats on top of canoes.

I pulled them down to a marshy area with spectacular sunlight.

Walking around some of the little shops, we stopped in front of one of the log cabin storefronts.

We did a quick change and picked up an additional family member: their dog, Bailey! This pup is utterly lovable and can sport a pretty mean mohawk.

Off we went to a big empty field to really frolic around.

I was totally digging Mike’s 1971 Jeep (note the awesome hula girl on the windshield).

We finished up over at the country club just as the sun was setting. Michelle and Mike did a fantastic job of color coordinating with the incredible sky that evening.

Michelle, Mike, & Bailey – thank you so much for showing me Medford Lakes. I had a great time with you three and can’t wait for the wedding at the Brandywine Manor House in just a few short months!

It is astonishing how little one feels alone when one loves.
~John Bulwer

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