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Modeling Session at Baker Beach/Chrissy Field ⋆ Lindsay Docherty Photography
March 12, 2008

Modeling Session at Baker Beach/Chrissy Field


After scheduling and rescheduling several times due to gross San Francisco weather, I finally photographed Shelly about a week ago at Baker Beach and Chrissy Field. I can’t say that the weather was particularly optimal on that day either. We met at Baker Beach in the evening and it was sooo windy! I had never seen it so blustery! I was kind of bummed because we had planned to do a trash-the-dress but there was no way that was happening.

We started off at Battery Chamberlain to help shield us from the gusts. I love shooting back there with the grungy, chipped-paint feel of things. It’s a very cool spot. It also has some great lines and stark colors with the iron fixtures.

Shelly came to me for pictures for her modeling portfolio. She is currently a graduate student studying child and family counseling up in Sacramento, but modeling can be a fun extracurricular. And good god, she has the looks to back it up!

After realizing that the beach shots were out, we traveled over to Chrissy Field to continue our fun. We passed by some trees in the Presidio and I just had to pull over to get some of her there. The sun was streaming through them just perfectly and it was so lush and green.

Onwards to Chrissy Field.

We wandered around a bit down to the beach and came across the back of a small, old building. It was just perfect. Again with the chipped paint but this place had cracked windows, whitewashed boards, and was just something I could see as the background in an Anthropologie catalog. All of the colors blended just perfectly. That teal shirt looked amazing on her.

And can you believe that those are her real eyes and not colored contacts!? I mean, come on!

Shelly was just charming and so natural. Not a lot of makeup, not a lot of hair products, and no diva-like attitude.

We did get her wild side once she pulled out her pink Britney Spears sunglasses. She apparently dresses up as Britney on occasion*… She had a hard time giving me a serious sassy face but she definitely pulled it off. Totally badass, huh?

We wrapped up with some bubbles on the field. Somehow they really seemed to fit her – playful, happy, not taking herself too seriously, and just fun.

You just wait, you’ll be seeing this face on billboards soon enough!

* Shelly tells me that it was just for a theme party. Riiiight.

I’m about to bring the heat
Lockin’ down the industry
All dressed up and glamorous
Red carpet and cameras
-Britney Spears, “Outrageous”

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