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Reviews ⋆ Lindsay Docherty Photography




When I first began the overwhelming process of planning my own wedding, finding a photographer was my first priority. After days of scouring the Internet, reading review after review and looking at hundreds of pictures of strangers weddings, I came upon Lindsay Docherty Photography. I was immediately drawn to the images because it felt like I had a VIP ticket to the most intimate, once-in-a-lifetime moments of each couple’s big day. They weren’t posed or staged, they simply captured the essence of the day and the uniqueness of each couple. I knew I had found my wedding photographer.

As someone that has a hard time making decisions, this was one of the easiest I ever made. From our first phone call to our last meeting to design our album, Lindsay was professional, timely, detail-oriented, energetic, thoughtful and engaged. When we first spoke, over a year before the wedding, she had already looked up the time of sunset so that I could plan the flow of the day with sunlight in mind – this extremely type A girl had found her match. Lindsay isn’t just a talented photographer, she is a professional wedding lover and truly enjoys hearing every detail from how you met to how you picked your wedding color scheme – I believe she takes the time to get to know her couples so closely because it enables her to excel on the wedding day.

Lindsay puts an immense amount of effort into ensuring that every important moment, detail and shot is captured during a day that flies by in an instant. My wedding was a Pinterest inspired explosion of DIY projects and personal touches that my husband and I spent almost a year crafting; Lindsay knew this and went above and beyond to catch our guests enjoying the things we put so much hard work into making. Not only was the planning process painless, the final product surpassed my highest hopes. Our family and friends were unanimously blown away.

More than anything else, Lindsay took the time to “get” us. At first I couldn’t understand why she was so invested in our story and the minutia of our wedding day, but it all makes sense now. Lindsay invests that time and energy so that she can see the day through the eyes of the couple and capture it accordingly. Thank you, Lindsay!



Lindsay is beautiful. Her sprite-like presence lends perfectly to her work, as she can flit around, snapping photos, fitting into small corners as to not interrupt natural life, and capture all that is true.

Lindsay is talented. She dances. She flexes her creative muscles. She is incredible with children.

Lindsay is smart. She is clever. She is a gift and a joy.

My husband and I both went to High School with Lindsay (she was in his class) and though I did not know her well then (we were both a little involved in the theatre group), our interactions are as familiar and easy as if we have been lifelong friends. She is supportive, she is energetic and she is kind. So so kind.

Last night, when the kids had gone down and we were preparing to eat dinner, my husband and I were shuttling back and forth from the trunk of his car to our garage with armloads of firewood; someone had offered their surplus, so we were happy to take it off their hands. Out of nowhere, Lindsday appeared, with a big package in her hands; the final piece of art that we had ordered from her: a canvas print of our favorite photograph.

And because we had so much firewood, we asked Lindsay if she wanted some. She was excited to take a load off of our hands, and I told her to back into the driveway so that we could put it into her trunk. And somehow between her turning off her car and her coming out to lift, she locked her keys in her car. Because despite all of the incredible, almost unbelievable things that Lindsay is, she is also human. Which lends so well to her being the photographer that she is. She is warm and approachable. Her smile is incredible. And so, while we waited for her  extra set of keys, we shared glasses of wine and caught up a bit. I was sad when she had to leave. She has become a real friend. I feel so lucky.

Lindsay captured many photos–moments– of our family, we wished we could have ordered them all.

She captured life. She captured happiness at a time when we needed it most. To Lindsay we will be eternally grateful.

Lindsay is fun. She is funny. She is radiant.

You would be lucky to get some Lindsay into your life.

We sure are.



Lindsay! You’ve rocked my world again! These are GORGEOUS! I’m crying with excitement and the overwhelming joy that I had that day is being relived through your photos. Thank you so much for being our photographer, you are the absolute best!

To anyone viewing this site, thinking about hiring Lindsay for your special day, STOP THINKING, CALL and Book her! You will not be disappointed! She is the sweetest, most bubbly, kind, professional, comforting person I’ve met and would and will hire her again and again!



I found Lindsay before I even found my husband.  I noticed a photo she took of a classmate on Facebook, and began following her on Facebook and her blog.  The images were stunning, creative, and told a story each time.  Aside from the given – professional, on time, responsive – Lindsay is someone you instantly connect with.  She doesn’t just get the posed shots, she takes care to catch the laughter, the tears and those moments you frankly might forget after a whirlwind day.  Every time we go back through our photos we remember the fun and the joy, which is exactly what our marriage is all about.  I’ve been married almost a year and people still stop me to tell me how amazing my photos were.  She’s an investment, and totally worth it.



Lindsay and her team were absolutely incredible! They are so punctual and organized, not to mention how OBSESSED I am with the pictures. She captured our wedding perfectly and we have an abundance of incredible pictures to choose from. I couldn’t imagine having our wedding without LDP being part of it.
Every question and concern we had, she answered in a very timely manner and completely put all our fears at ease. She’s great with kids and pets and is just a joy to be around.

I couldn’t recommend her more highly!



Oh my goodness, these are just breathtaking.   Thank you so much for the gorgeous photos.   They are even better than what I had hoped for!



When we were planning our wedding, I knew that photography was important, but I had no idea that the photographer was just as important as the images they would create. You will probably spend more time with this person than any other vendor, and I am so glad we had the opportunity to get to know Lindsay.

She was able to capture our experience of the wedding, as well as, all the wonderful moments we missed. We now have all the beautiful photos of the ceremony, formals  and first dance, but also a priceless record of all of our friends and family who attended. She was able to do this because not only could she magically “disappear” when needed (she must have teleported around the ceremony), but is also very intuitive and can capture people’s personalities. 

She was able to capture ours because we were incredibly comfortable around her. We got a vendor crush during the engagement session and liked her more  and more. 

Lindsay is also great because she takes the photos that you want. She doesn’t push you to take photos that are posed and cheesy, but knows better than you might (or I did) that some of the photos you don’t think are important she will secretly snap. 

What more can I say? This woman is amazing.



Working with Lindsay was an absolute pleasure!  Her talent is what caught our attention, but her talent and personality combined is what made the most important day in our relationship the best one ever.  

Lindsay is caring and keeps her client’s wishes at the forefront of her work.  Her ability to capture the natural, emotional being of people and the moments that transpire is amazing.  Lindsay truly cares about her clients and capturing them through the art of photography.  

People ask us all the time who photographed our wedding after seeing our pictures with comments like, “Wow, these are the best wedding pictures I’ve ever seen.  So natural and beautifully captured.”  Thomas and I smile while looking at each other, remembering our special day and say, “Lindsay Docherty and we couldn’t have picked a better photographer.”

Photography was the most important decision when it came to planning our wedding and we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer or experience.  Thank you, Lindsay!



So I’ve been staring at this text box for a while, and I simply don’t know how to begin. I mean, how do you describe the tiny bundle of energy and joy that is Lindsay?
A dwarf star of excellence?
A teacup elephant of professionalism?
A SmartCar of happiness?
Well, she is all those things and more.
Lindsay was one of two photographers we hired to shoot our wedding. We had seen her work before, and were captivated by her detail work and wonderful compositions. Since we were doing a very small ‘pop-up’ style wedding, we knew we wanted someone who would not only be able to capture the short ceremony, but also the entire day surrounding it as we traveled from the hotel to meet our family, and all left together for the reception dinner.
Her images could not have been any better. The sheer joy of the day, and our love for each other was perfectly translated from 3 to 2 dimensions.
In fact, we loved her work so much that we approached her again a year later, as we prepared for the birth of our son. I’ll let her images speak for themselves in this link to her blog post:
If that doesn’t convince you – nothing will.
So I guess I could have saved myself a lot of writing and you a lot of reading had I just filled the text box with these two words:

She’s amazing.



My wife and I used Lindsay Docherty Photography for our engagement and wedding photos. Words cannot adequately describe the positive experience that we had working with Lindsay throughout this entire process. If you are reading this review, then you’ve just found your next photographer. There is no need to look any further.

Lindsay was incredibly professional, friendly, and flexible throughout our whole experience. In the initial meeting we had, she literally brought with her an entire suitcase full of binders of different photos that she had taken for a wide array of occasions. She then worked with us to customize our package. Her website has good background information, but she can tailor the package to meet each individual person’s or couple’s needs.

Once it came time for our engagement photos, Lindsay was proactive with recommending different locations that would work. She has a great eye for photos and is not afraid to get down and dirty to take them. Lindsay literally went as far as laying down in the middle of the road if it meant taking a good picture. Her turn around time for sending the finished photos was great.

When it came time for the wedding photos, Lindsay actually arrived at the beginning location before the bride did. She was with us throughout the entire day, which ended up being 11-12 hours. At the reception, Lindsay managed to take great pictures and do so in such a manner without the feeling of intrusiveness.

All in all, I would recommend Lindsay Docherty to anyone reading this review. If Yelp allowed for a rating higher than 5 stars, she would definitely earn that. Lindsay will be the only photographer I will work with in the future as the need arises.



Best photographer EVER!!!!!  Lindsay Docherty, you made me feel comfortable, beautiful, and relaxed the whole day, and you captured the most precious moment of my life with such brilliance!!!! Thank you so much!



Hi Lindsay,

We got the photos in the mail yesterday. There are so wonderful, thank you for doing such a fantastic job. We are so lucky to have ended up with a talented, thoughtful, detail-oriented, consummate professional as a photographer. We had some people call us up in tears (of joy of course!) because they loved them so much. Below are a couple of the reactions from our family!

“Larry sent me your first few wedding photos. They and the story told by the photographer are wonderful.”

“These are beautiful. The wording is awesome.  I still have tears flowing down my cheeks. The colors are so bright and the sun shining in just the right places.”

So thanks so much for being a very special part of our wonderful and happy day. I hope our paths cross again and all the best to you for everything till then!!

Big hugs,




OMG!! I’m in love! They are so amazing!! I can’t believe that I like them ALL — I NEVER like them ALL!! 


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