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Senior Ambassador Shoot at Chrissy Field ⋆ Lindsay Docherty Photography
November 16, 2007

Senior Ambassador Shoot at Chrissy Field


Allow me to introduce my newest Senior Ambassador, Gabby. This petite high school senior comes from Granada High School in Livermore. We had originally planned to shoot at Baker Beach, where I had shot Felicia, but the horrible oil spill made practically every beach inaccessible (besides, people in big yellow HAZMAT suits just don’t look good in the background of pictures).

We met up and headed over to Fort Point first to make use of the moody, grungy feel of the old military fort. I don’t often get to shoot here but I really love it when I do. Fort Point is a four story brick donut of a structure with wonderful archways and hallways and cave-like areas and spiral stone stairways and, and, and… It’s just such a neat place – I could have stayed there all day.

We didn’t even go into any of the rooms, we just made use of the architecture and tones. The brick textures went perfectly with Gabby’s freshman year formal gown.

The shimmery blue material got a few looks from the tourists but she looked radiant nonetheless.

There were some great nooks and crannies and little windows everywhere that let in beautiful strips of light. Gabby, who acts both in the community and professionally, was a complete natural. I don’t think there is a single light out there that wouldn’t look flattering on her!

After a quick change in the car (she’s talented, I tell ya!) we drove around to the easternmost part of Chrissy Field and played in the golden hour light there. I was really nervous about the day since it had been miserable and rainy the entire day before the shoot but the skies opened up and gave us a truly gorgeous day (albeit a bit muddy).

We wandered around the old run-down buildings that played some role in Chrissy Field’s old job as an airfield and the birth of airmail. I love, love, love old cracked paint and rusty, grimey things.

I was pretty happy to come upon this old telephone booth and Gabby was totally up for posing with it – spiderwebs and all.

We ended the session with the last few minutes of daylight by the Golden Gate Bridge. It was getting chilly and I had put her through enough but I had a great time and Gabby was a fabulous model.

Keep an eye out for her folks, I have a feeling you’ll be seeing her face on more than my blog in the future!

Thanks for a great time, Gabby! You were awesome!

“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.”
-Edna Woolman Chase

p.s. If you’d like to be my next Senior Ambassador, check out this post and shoot me an email at lmdocherty@gmail.com. It’s lots of fun and will get you a free session plus free photo goodies.

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