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Two Dog Session in Golden Gate Park ⋆ Lindsay Docherty Photography
November 10, 2007

Two Dog Session in Golden Gate Park

Lori called me to take me up on my offer for Old Pet Month with her two beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs. As a Christmas present for her husband, she snuck them out of the house over to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park where the pooches and I had a great time in the foggy and lush park.

Allow me to introduce two of the sweetest pups you could ever meet: Einstein and Cheri.
Einstein is 8 years old, which is pretty good for a Bernese Mountain Dog (considered a veteran in BMD circles). Sadly, he was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and couldn’t quite keep up with Cheri but wasn’t about to let her steal all the attention. He’s a big softie with big puppy-dog eyes, huge paws, and lots of curly fur. Certainly a noble dog.

Cheri, on the other hand, was an enormous puppy. Already three years old, she acted like she was hardly over 6 months. She seemed to constantly have a big grin on her face and she was all about running circles around Lori and me, literally! Having that much space was a real treat for Cheri and she even got some other interaction with a scruffy terrier that showed up.

I’ve got a thing for doggie eyes and noses. They are just too sweet and their eyes are so expressive. So here’s a little collection of Einie and Cheri’s little parts. And, just like people, the same breed of dog can have so many small differences in two animals.

Einstein and Cheri are very sweet together. She, of course, will eat his food but they take turns at the water bowl and Cheri is even willing to give Einstein a little sugar.

Two very sweet Berners and one very loving Mommy. It’s going to be a great holiday gift. Portraits are so incredibly heartfelt and much more personal than anything you could ever buy in a store. Thank you Lori, Einstein, and Cheri – I had a great time!

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
– Josh Billings

p.s. Home at Last is a fabulous organization that rescues dogs and cats from certain euthanasia, provides them with housing, medical care and socialization, and eventually placement in permanent homes. They are holding an auction on November 30th at 6pm at The Albatross Pub in Berkeley. A Lindsay Docherty Photography session and prints are up for auction. Will give more details soon.