August 9, 2008

Pet Session at Crissy Field

Meet Roscoe! This was just the cutest Yorkie ever.

I met Roscoe a month or so ago at a Yap Wraps fashion show in Ghiardelli Square. There were several yorkies but Roscoe was definitely the cutest. I met up with him and his mother, Jennifer, last weekend for a pet session at Crissy Field with this 8 month old bundle of fluff.

Take a look at some of the adorable shots we got of Roscoe:

He is the epitome of puppy. He just hopped along everywhere and was a ball of sunshine. So happy, so frisky, so sweet.

We went to the beach and Roscoe wanted to make friends with just about every other dog out there.

And if one yorkie pup was cuteness overload, you’ll want to divert your attention from Roxie, Roscoe’s girlfriend. Roxie was just a two month old wee thing and she was just adorable (though quite cold out there on the beach).

I had a great time with you three; thanks so much!

A puppy is but a dog, plus high spirits, and minus common sense. Agnes Repplier