June 29, 2007

WooHooo! Site Update!


I updated my site today. It had been way too long! What’s new:

  • I now have a contact form so people don’t have to copy and paste my email or call me.
  • I have a new Promotions page. You can find my notice for Senior Ambassadors as well as a special through the month of July. Go look to find out.
  • I have a new Partners page. ‘Partners’ isn’t quite the right word and I’m open to suggestions. Right now it has Little Fish Boutique, which boasts some of my portraits and Moment by Moment, an organization I’m involved in. I don’t like simply putting ‘Links’ but I need something that can hold all of the other businesses and organizations that I support one way or another.
  • I expanded my FAQ (frequently asked questions). I generally email people a list before their session but there’s no reason not to put it on the site instead. It goes over what to wear, stuff about shoots with kids and shoots with pets.
  • I added two new Sessions: Welcoming Baby and Mommy and Me. Welcoming Baby is a package of 5 sessions over the course of baby’s first year and special gifts after each session. I’m really excited about this. Mommy and Me is a smaller baby package of a maternity session and a newborn session plus prints.
  • And, most importantly, a link to this blog!

Stay tuned for updated images in my portfolio

Oh, and because I feel like I should have at least one image with every post, here’s an image I played around with the other day. It’s a Triumph Motorcycle that I shot so the owner could sell it. I shot it on Treasure Island so San Francisco’s awesome skyline could be in the background. I really do need to explore that island some more.
Don’t worry, the images I gave him show what the bike really looks like.

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